Finding a Soulmate is Easy with These Mobile Apps

Whether our smartphone is a blessing or a curse, you can’t deny the influence it has on our lives as most can be done with it. In fact, you can even book a date with someone with this handheld device.


Several years ago, the online dating industry has been dominated by big websites like and eHarmony. But, with the rise of Tinder, free dating online has been as easy as clicking, posting short profiles, posting photos, and scanning for potential dates with a few swipes left and right; in fact, you are asked to decide  whether the matches the app makes for you passed your standards or not by clicking the chat or pass button.

Dating Apps

Another app has been making rounds in the dating world today, and it’s called Hinge. Hinge utilizes your Facebook connections and finds you a match from the friends of your friends.

Meanwhile, Clover is an app that has features somewhat similar to that of Tinder with an added bonus of dating on demand. It is like Uber for dating where you are asked to choose a location and a date, and Clover will have someone meet and date you.

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There are several other dating apps that utilize various themes, such as “How About We”, wherein you post an idea on what a fun date is for you and you just wait and see who wants that kind of date as well. There is also League which is a mobile dating app that promotes exclusivity by carefully selected clients.

Why Mobile Dating Apps?

People nowadays opt to use mobile dating apps primarily because they are easier, more convenient, and discreet. The downside of this; however, is that there is uncertainty because some mobile profiles may be nonexistent or fake.

Nevertheless, the ease-of-use has led to the growth of Tinder’s company in 2 years. According to Tinder, they actually process over 1 billion swipes every day and they match about 12 million people in a day. When we say “match”, that means that 2 people have agreed to interact with one another; they either send each other messages or date in person.

Although Tinder is best known as the app for casual dating, it is starting to move beyond just that. There are a lot of people in different age groups that use the app. In fact, some actually even found love while on Tinder.

Enbridge Donates Cheque for New Fire System Technology

With the aim to teach more people on how to use fire extinguisher, the Chatham-Kent firefighters uses the new high-tech training tool for the said purpose.

The representatives coming from Enbridge’s Talbot Wind Farm and Talibury Solar Farm provide Chatham a total donation worth $12,700 to fund an electronic system that would serve as a training tool for firefighters to make the entire process faster. The electronic system is called the BullEx’BullsEye’. It is a kind of extinguisher that is driven by laser.

The fire extinguisher is aim towards a special kind of monitor that stimulates fire. Using the PASS (pull,aim,squeeze and sweep) method, the extinguisher will then extinguish the electronic flames. The extinguisher produces a conical-shaped light, which is pointed towards the seat of light in order for the operator to perform the PASS method.

fire damage restoration

The assistant fire chief with the Chatham-Kent Fire Emergency Services, Alan SeVillaer said that the said technology would go along well with the present system, which utilizes the use of real fire extinguisher and live fire.

In addition, the new system will lessen the episodes of cleaning as well as the expenses needed when using an actual fire and extinguisher. The new system is also advantageous in terms of conducting training from various places and under different instances without compromising the training experience using a fire extinguisher.

DeVillaer also added that this is perfect for indoor training and during bad weather, and it would be more appropriate for those people who are not comfortable with using live fire. Along with the training using a high-end training tool still comes the usual safety procedure that is keeping your back to the exits while using the extinguisher and calling 911.

Another thing that DeVillaer said is about using all the same mechanics in the electronic format so it will be used repeatedly until such time someone becomes proficient in using a fire extinguisher.

Public educator Whitney Burk said that this new system is absolutely no safety risk.

The operator of this new tool can freely choose the type of fire to be extinguished. The system also has the capacity to display the duration of time it took the trainer to put off the fire so there will be a basis for improvement.

This new system will surely be a great help to a lot of people just like those fire damage restoration expert that is readily available in case of emergency.

What Is in Store for the Manufacturing Industry?

This might sound odd but there are technologically-enhanced humans living around us every day; they make use of pacemakers, Sclera XL contact lenses, hearing aids, Bluetooth headsets, and even prosthetic limbs. Today, another technological advancement is in store for us as the manufacturing sector introduces new cybernetic approaches.

The tech world has been continuously trying to eliminate the separation between technology and people for more than 20 years as evidenced by desktop and laptop computers, touch screen devices, smartphones, scanners, tablets, and various wearable technologies. These efforts begin with the basic question of “how to deliver information to people in real time?” and “how do we allow people to take action and get things done?”

The Introduction of Cyborgs

There are a lot of arguments on whether robots can replace people in the manufacturing industry. However, even the most advanced robot can’t replace a professional’s judgment, flexibility, and problem-solving skills.

Handheld devices, such as smartphones and tablets, utilize interactive designs which require the complete attention of the users which isn’t feasible in various shop-floor applications. Naturally, you need to hold the device using at least 1 hand, command it, and protect it from your environment; it isn’t only hassle, but it is also a risk for safety.

sclera xl


Latest technologies, like Google Glass, enable the display of real-time data to employees hands-free. This is possible because of the system that provides information to support your job and even alert you to problems in the equipment on your workplace.

Advancement of Manufacturing Technologies

There exists virtual reality gloves and ring scanners that provide excellent ways for workers to do their job using information systems. They are equipped with gestures that enable easy navigation of information, as well as functionality in real time. You can get updates anywhere depending on the type of job and the location of the company.

When technology is built according to the people that use the device, the technological experience becomes natural, finishing the task becomes efficient and extra workload is eliminated.

Fisher Dynamics

The leading seating manufacturer, Fisher Dynamics, pioneers the use of wearable devices that helps improve productivity and control in the workplace. Scott Tollafield, their IT leader, was among the first to participate during the pilot of the Plex Google Glass. In the next few weeks, Google Glass has been a part of a manufacturing plant’s workplace.

Rather than using a scanner that you pick up and put down many times during a shift, you can now scan any material immediately at eye-level which enables interaction on real time data. Currently, Tollafield is exploring new ways of utilizing those wearable technologies in order to promote an efficient and productive day at work.

Cyborgs in Human Life

Cyborgs is somewhat a mixture of both human and technology; the process of using important data with the ability to put them into work. Therefore, it would be safe to say that at this point, there is a future in the manufacturing industry and that the division between humans and technology is wearing off.

Game Theory: How Big Internet Companies Out-Think Each Other

John Nash, 86, died in a car crash this year. He won the Nobel in economics and is popular for his inspirational book and Oscar-winning movie “A Beautiful Mind”. He has greatly contributed to the “Game Theory” which was first theorized by Jon Von Neumann in the1930s. He made it popular that it has been widely used by corporate as a mainstream strategy.

The Game Theory involves principles of probability in a world with multiple players wherein each player gives probability to the behavior of other players to something that he (himself) does.

online dice games

John Nash

The Application of the Game Theory

The Game Theory can be used in various areas of research such as auctions, acquisitions and bids in mergers, engineering, geo-political strategies of peace and war, space studies, as well as stock markets.

How the Game Theory Works

The Game Theory has different branches which can be explained through the context of auctions. Auctions are non-cooperative games that involve a number of players. Each of them gives assumptions that other players would behave in a certain manner for his every action.

The chess game explains the theory more clearly. Chess players base their moves in the assumption that their opponents would respond to their moves in a certain manner and vice versa. This is referred to as “mixed probabilities” in mathematics wherein their assumptions are based on the opponents’ incomplete information.

Game Theoretic Approach: On Facebook’s Acquisition of WhatsApp

The decision of Facebook of acquiring WhatsApp for a higher price was presumably based on its vision of penetrating the mobile internet industry — which is said to be the “next big thing” in the world of social media. Messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, and Hike may eventually outperform short messaging service (SMS) of mobile networks as they provide free messaging services to people around the world.

According to Facebook, it is vital for them to embrace the group messaging culture which quickly changes the grammar of how social media communicates. This deal has brought millions of subscribers of WhatsApp to its fold which allows its immediate expansion as being a mobile network from desktops and smartphones. Facebook may use their mobile ad technology through aggregating advertisers’ audiences on social networks and messaging apps, as well as their online dice games.

Game Theory and Facebook’s WhatsApp Purchase

The strategy of Facebook was plain and simple: box out rivals from the market by bidding high. There were rumors that the internet giant, Google, was also planning to buy WhatsApp messaging app. According to initial reports, Google had bid approximately $10 billion for the company (which is about half of the price that Facebook offered to the company). Later, reports claim that Google has increased their offer for WhatsApp after it heard the amount Facebook is willing to pay for the messaging app service. This is an example of the exercise of the game theory wherein corporate firms try to out-strategize each other in a highly competitive industry.

Top Cheap Web Hosting Companies

One of the most important things when starting a business is finance management. Money can only get you so far; thus, your startup website should be almost near the top of the list when you prioritize the resources available for you to use. Although most local startups don’t need large sites yet, it is important to note that it is the platform that would establish your company as it acts as a primary access point for your target customers.

Being a startup company, you need to be able to run your business in a cost-effective manner. Hence you need to webhosting vergelijken and take costs, platforms, and the size of your business into consideration.

webhosting vergelijken

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List of Cheap Web Hosts


Hostwinds is a VPS hosting service that serves startups and small businesses based in the US and the UK. This company is widely known for being reliable with no downtime. Aside from that, they have a technical support available to their clients 24/7 through live chat or phone.

Other advantages of this hosting service are the unlimited bandwidth allocation and disk space; it performs nightly backups and it has options which include VPS, shared, as well as dedicated hosting. If you only have one domain, you will be charged for as low as $4.50 monthly; $5.50 is charged for up to 4 domains; but if you want a dedicated IP address, you’d have to pay up to $6.50 a month. Furthermore, you are given freebies such as free website/file transfer, free set-up, as well as domain name creation.


If you are looking for a web hosting service that has a  variety of features that include unlimited domain hosting, file transfer, email accounts, domain names, templates, as well as hosting space (all-in-one), then you might as well hire the services of Bluehost.

Aside from all of that, you will also be able to gain quick access to technical support via phone or live chat. It also features a demo account that will teach you how the control panel works to efficiently manage your website. It also provides optimum security tools like admin password protection secure FTP, shared and dedicated SSL certificates, and daily backup systems that will keep the information on your website safe and secure.

Another feature is their free shopping cart and e-commerce applications that are useful for retail businesses. Annual subscription for their services include $14.99 domain migration fee, $14.99 for domain names, and shared annual hosting fee of approximately $47.40 to $179.40.


The FatCow web hosting service offers an eco-friendly service that utilizes wind power to run their operations with a very accommodating team of staffs. They have an unlimited domains, subdomains, as well as add-on domains or parked domains that you can only host using one account. They have technical support available through phone, live chat, as well as emails. You can also choose from their video tutorials, articles, and FAQs.

The annual fee for their services is $49 with additional $14.99 for domain migration fee; domain name and setup is offered for free.