RingBoost’s Paul Faust on Primary Phone Numbers

Companies actually spend way more money to become more memorable to the consumers. If you are specializing in a certain industry, you’re probably spending a good fortune in terms of promotion; whether or not, it is lead generation, ads, TV, radio, and more.

While you spend more money in generating leads, why don’t you acquire a memorable phone number to drive those leads to the right place?

Paul Faust, the Vice President of Business Development for Primary Wave Media and RingBoost, the leader of the vanity number marketing said when consulted about the legal services industry, “Given a choice, most lawyers would prefer to be contracted by a prospect on the phone rather than through email or a website lead.” This absolutely makes sense because according to some studies, inbound call convert more revenue than web leads; thus, having a memorable landline phone number would most definitely help on your ROI.


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Primary Phone Number Products

When asked about various primary phone number products in the industry today, Paul enumerated four of them.

Vanity Phone Numbers

According to Paul, these are the numbers that are often just words or a mix of letters and words that are designed to be remembered easily by people. They can be assigned depending on one’s geographic location to protect a company’s territory. They help create a strong brand in the industry. An example of which would be a firm using 1-800-HURT-NOW.

Easy Dial

The easy dial products are numbers that also help in quick recall. An example of this would be 1-800-180-8000.

Local Phone Numbers

Instead of settling for the phone number that the telecommunications company provides you, you can personalize a local number to be either a vanity or an easy dial. According to Paul, most businesses want both local and toll-free numbers; thus, they opt for this one.

Tracking Numbers

Big companies that have made it their objective to advertise their products a lot usually use tracking numbers in order for them to easily determine which advertisers deliver the best rates. However, accurate tracking isn’t always this easy. If you want to keep tabs on your ads accurately, it’ll probably best that you ask how the consumer heard about your company.

Easily Recalled Phone Numbers

Note that easily recalled phone numbers offer great help in terms of referrals. If the source of the referral tells another person to look you up, but he/she searches the web to find you, there might be a great chance that they’d find another company instead.

You might ask, so is one type of primary phone number better than the others? Should you acquire both local and toll free numbers? Paul Faust said, “It depends. Phone numbers are just one tool in your marketing arsenal, and the best choice for your firm depends on what you are currently doing in the marketplace. This is why the folks at RingBoost work with you to bring the perfect phone number solution specifically for your firm. Every market is different — usually, it is best to default to letting prospects decide by giving them both a local and toll free option.”

.sucks, Is it Helpful or Hurtful for the Company?

The social media networks and the Internet such as Twitter and Facebook have already provided an outlet for their unsatisfied consumers, anonymous haters and disgruntled employees to vent their discouragement and fury against companies. However, the venting may reach a new level in a couple of months from now since there is a new Internet address with the suffix, ‘.sucks’.

Companies will be able to decide if it is worth paying $2,500 just to tie up with .sucks address within the access period which will last for sixty days. This has been set aside for celebrities and trademark owners that begun on March 30. If they will not, anyone all throughout the world can register the name at the same time, set-up their personal protest site.

Recently, another controversial suffix, .porn also started their early access period. They were able to draw registrations from Harvard University, Microsoft and even Taylor Swift. Celebrities are more experienced with the problems that arise regarding new suffixes that begun doing business 4 years ago. The latest offbeat suffixes are now added to the domain name system of the Internet and they are part of the hundred suffixes approved in the last two years. Most of them are far more harmless than the names released today like .party, .accountant and .shoes. The new suffixes that are out recently are intended to release the people’s creative energy as well as few of them will be marketing dollars through breaking free from the crowded domain names like .com space. Today, more than 100 million names were already used in .com that includes the entire words in the dictionary.

The non-profit ICANN or Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers which is responsible to govern the whole system has established a procedure with regards to adding new suffixes. It started in 2011 and they are gradually working in about 2,000 initial applications. As of today, they have been able to approve over 500 and more are added everyday. According to James Cole, ICANN’s spokesman, their role is about consumer choice enhancement, marketplace creativity and increasing competition. In most cases, what the organization envisioned is also the same with the things happening in the Internet world. For instance, Quiksilver is the top maker of surfing gear; they snapped new domains such as .surf group, boradshorts.surf and wetsuits.surf.

The success going way for other suffixes could happen even in the most controversial domain name which is .sucks, according to John Berard, Vox Populi Registry’s CEO. This company oversees the registration of the new suffix. Berard said that in 2015, the suffix they use is not a pejorative anymore but it gives more emphasis. This was his statement after so many comments from the name used like Twitter said that harassment sucks. The company said they pose it as a challenge.

Companies can register .sucks using their own names at the same time; the sites will be used to collect comments and complaints from their customers. Also, the sites can be run by ordinary people and learn from the posts given, as suggested by Berard. He further said that their new domain name will not bring harm but opportunity so that the Internet world can create a place for collaboration as well as criticism. The cost of the new domains is $2,500 for companies while for consumers; it is worth $250 after the initial period ends. Also, there is an option of $10 each year if the consumer agrees that his site is going to be part of the discussion of the network of the company.

There are some complaints that the offering of .sucks is a kind of extortion, they are aiming that various firms will be compelled to buy this new name to avoid potential discontentment or tainting of their brands.

The Creation of an Effective Landing Page Design

Although the landing page is not the last destination for the visitors of your website, but it is actually one of the most important destinations. This is primarily because this is the page that visitors click on the pay-per-click link that will first arrive on and will determine whether or not they’d stay long enough to finish the conversion; whether it is to contact you for appointment setting, make a purchase, or add themselves to your list of subscribers.

Landing page designers

This makes your landing page a very important part of the conversion panel as they can boost SEO. Landing page designers recommend keeping the landing page in its top form, and here are some of their tips.

  • Acquire a customized URL. Although you want the lading page to be on the same domain as the rest, it must have its own personal URL. It is important that you don’t stuff the page with keywords, but make it easy to remember for your clients. In addition, it is also important to note that if you have many campaigns, you can have a landing page for one campaign to make it easier to tailor according to the design and content which makes it easy to track the most effective campaigns.
  • Keep a consistent branding. Note that the landing page doesn’t have to look the same as your social media page or your web page. However, it should be clearly yours. Make it standout, look unique, and filled with significant contents.
  • Keep it simple. One of the greatest mistakes that most businesses do with landing pages is that they try to put too many contents on the page. Note that it is a way better idea to only have little information in the page with only a minimal design. The funnel should only be simple and the visitor shouldn’t have too much options. Having too many contents and a complicated landing page will only distract the client from the ultimate goal.
  • Create a great copy. The copy found on your landing page should be concise. It would be best not to overwhelm nor distract the visitors of your web page with too much information or they won’t have the patience to complete the conversion. Make sure its contents are relevant, direct, and encouraging.
  • Ensure that the landing page pays off. This holds true if you are asking your client to provide personal information. More often than not, just the promise of promos and discounts is enough; however there are other ways to make someone give you their e-mail address. Offer something in return like rewards.
  • Ensure that the landing page is secure. Even though they are only giving you their email address that you could easily find from their Facebook profiles, consumers only want to transact with businesses that look legitimate. This implies that your landing page should have the proper SSL certificates and Google verifications as your actual web page, most especially if personal information is being asked and exchanged on the page.

What you need to know about Car Trackers

Vehicles with car tracking devices are integrated with the Global Positioning System, popularly known as the GPS. The GPS receives signals from the satellites that are in the outer space in order to give directions to a driver who’s unfamiliar with the area and to determine the location of a car. There are actually two kinds of GPS tracking devices: the passive and the active tracking systems.

Passive car trackers allow you to view records of your recent travel activities, total mileage, your destinations, and your speed. In fact, some devices have features that assist you with planning your travel itineraries and acquiring maps to your destination. All of the information it can provide may be transferred to your computer through a short-range radio frequency. However, you will only be able to transfer data when your vehicle returns to its original location or the base area that you have set which is usually your garage or parking lot. The user can then record the data or download the report from the computer.

Active car trackers, on the other hand, will be able to provide you with real-time data transfer. They utilize the internet in order to track locations and give you reports. Aside from that, they also feature real-time notifications by giving alerts to the user’s email or fax to send updates on the current location of your car. This connects with the signal as soon as the key is inserted into the ignition, and also when the car moves without the key inserted or near the car; the alert notification will then be sent to your email.

car tracking devices

The satellite will transmit the data to the website of the vendor of the device. The owner of the car will be able to visit that website to be able to view the reports they need. Aside from getting alerts from the website, e-mails, or fax, you can also choose to receive alerts and reports through an SMS on your mobile phone. Compared to other type of tracking device, the active tracking system is relatively more expensive which is primarily due to the real-time data transmission feature. Moreover, newer models now come with handy equipment, eliminating the need for installing power cables and antennas. With so many products on the market, MrTracking.com has written an extensive guide on the best car tracking devices available on the market today.

In addition to tracking the exact location of your car and providing you information on your road trips, car tracking systems will absolutely give you a peace of mind. This is primarily because it reduces your anxiety on the thought of someone stealing your car; as soon as it get stolen, all the user has to do is to press a button and help will be on its way. When the thief runs away with the car, the owner will be able to determine the location of the car through the GPS tracking system which provides the exact location. This feature is actually also helpful when you get stuck in an accident or when you get stranded in a place such as the dessert or in the middle of the forest.

car tracking devices

Most tracking devices have a switch button wherein the driver can ask assistance for directions or for a rescue. As a matter of fact, some devices will be able identify when you’ve met an accident; as soon as the airbag deploys, it will signal and report the situation to the manufacture who will confirm it with you as they will try to contact you and will send for help as necessary. In the event of car trouble, on the other hand, a tracking device that features full services will be able to assist you in calling for a repair services or technician near your area.

Custom Software Development: The Works

Software applications that are designed and created especially for a certain user or group of users within an organization are products of custom software development. In contrast to the traditional software these software are designed to specifically address the needs of the organization. They are solely created for that group of people by a software company or a group of developers within the organization and are not sold to the market.

Traditional software are packaged software applications that are made available to everyone with different, but (at the same time) similar needs. Take for instance, Microsoft Excel is created and made for the public as a solution to everyone’s needs. However, it doesn’t cater to the needs that are specific to one organization compared to that of custom software.

Customized software development, on the other hand, involves the employment, development, and release of the software application to the organization. Take for example, an application designed for IBM will only be utilized by that company for which it is specifically designed. The software is created based on the company’s goals and implementation, thus it will only work for them.

Custom software development

Custom software development

The main advantage of the custom software is the mere fact that it’s able to provide features that traditional applications cannot. Creating an application according to the needs of the company will generate increased productivity among its workers. The cost of such development may be high but it can be offset by the assurance of increased efficiency. However, note that this should only be the course of action to take when the needs of the organization is unique and big enough to warrant for a customized software.

The downside of this application, however, is that it would require a significant amount of resources to create; thus, it comes with relatively high costs and risks. If the company designs to begin the software development, it needs to cover the costs associated with the development process. In conclusion, its cost would amount to a five-figure dollar range.

The risk that comes with developing customized software will differ according to the organization’s needs. The company must have an in-depth understanding of their organizational problems and how they want the software to address them. Note that identifying new problems during process is common, although it would only result to added costs since (more often than not) changes will be made; thus there is an increase need for time and effort.

Choosing a company that will develop the software for your company can be a very tedious and difficult task to do. Most of the small and large businesses need to look for small companies that will bid for the work, and then choose the company that will promise them a reasonable price and a high quality service. It is important to note that choosing a developer should never be about the money.  Instead, it should be about how flexible they are, their willingness to work with you, and how they will be able to give your company what it needs.